Curtis Pratt, Dan Stoner, Chris Bobier & Kathy Young
Curtis Pratt, Dan Stoner & Chris Bobier
Craig Davis, Steve Young & Kelly Herold

Kathy Young


Pastor Kathy is married to Steve Young and they have three adult children together.  They moved to Winona in 1994, where they immediately felt at home.  Kathy grew up on a farm in central Minnesota and has a background in business, music and theology.  Her greatest joy is helping people know God intimately, discover their calling, and boldly live out His purposes in this generation.

Geri Pratt

Director of Freedom & Care Ministries

Geri is married to Curtis and they have three adult children together. They met while students at Winona State University in 1989. Geri graduated from college with a degree  in communication and psychology and a minor in philosophy. Equipping people to walk in Freedom In Christ so they can be all God created them to be, and do all God created them to do brings her great joy.


Tim VanEijl

Worship Director

Tim was born and raised in southern Canada as a preacher’s kid. He joined his first worship band at age 16 and started leading worship for a small church in Minnesota at age 17. Tim moved to Wisconsin to help plant a church in 1998 and was ordained by the international church for FourSquare Gospel. Tim and his family reside in Holmen, Wisconsin.

Elizabeth Rayford

Director of Children's Ministry

Stay tuned – bio to come!

Kaazua Vue

Office Administrator

Kaazua is from the Twin Cities suburbs.  She moved to Winona for college, majoring in Sociology.  She is currently pursuing an MA in Theology & Cultural Anthropology.  Kaazua enjoys spending hours reading and studying the Word of God.  As such, she desires passionately that her brothers and sisters in Christ would come to know God as intimately – and even more – as she has.